About Us

Uppsala Fotofestival is a photography biennial taking place in Uppsala, Sweden. The festival opens its gates to visitors, amateur and professional photographers, art and culture lovers and creators, and all others who love festivals. Every other year Uppsala is filled with photographic art.

2010 Anna Lundgren and Idit Margulis had the idea of creating spaces for exhibitions and a platform for local Uppsala photographers to meet with nationally acclaimed and internationally well-known photographers. The first Uppsala Fotofestival took place already in September 2011 after 12 months of hectic planning, a steep learning curve and with the help of some incredible friends. The support we received from Uppsala Photographic Association (Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap) and Studiefrämjandet gave us some pondus in the Uppsala cultural life arena which was bubbling in the beginning of the previous decade. Since then, Uppsala Fotofestival has been regularly supported by Uppsala Kommun, and we are proud members of the exclusive club of World Class Uppsala.

The festival is curated, organised, and produced by the festival directors. A core group of festival workers conceive, develop, and realise activities, partnerships, facilities, marketing, web, and other areas that are needed for the festival to come to life. Every hand counts!  Volunteer

In addition, a large group of festival volunteers assures you are well received when you come to listen to a lecture or visit one of our many exhibitions. Our volunteers also build ‘The Board’, arrange flowers and tables for the VIP party and so much more.

Uppsala Fotofestival is organized by Uppsala Fotofestival association (Uppsala FotoFestival Förening), which is a non-profit organization that promotes photography and photographic art in Uppsala. We strive to make photography accessible for many, and for exhibitions to become a part of the lives of amateur photographers as much as professionals here in our city. We provide contacts; a world-wide network of internationally-awarded photographers and our wonderful sponsors to photographers and other institutions. We also initiate collaborations between different education establishments and other partners revolving around photography.

About the organizers

Ella Dekel

Ella is a graphic designer, art director and a UX/UI designer with a vast experience in branding, user experience and interface design for different products and platforms. She has a B.Sc in Design. Ella is the newest member of the directors group since she joined at the end of 2019.

Anna Lundgren

Anna works as a Chief Documentation and Education Officer, and has extensive skills in project management. She is a photographer and has a diploma in journalism. More about Anna’s photography you can find here.

Idit Margulis

Idit is a cultural entrepreneur, photographer and language teacher. She has an M.A in Education, and a B.A in International relations and East-Asian Studies. You can find out more about her here.

There are different ways to be a part of our initiative:

  • Volunteer and be a part of our gang! Looking forward to hearing from you.  Contact us.
  • Support us and Become our friend.
  • Exhibit! We will announce open call to apply before the next festival.