Exhibitions 2022

Kidding Around

Magasin X

Yaron Perel, Israel

Yaron Perel is an ordinary guy who lives in suburban Israel with his family. He and his wife are emotionally and genetically responsible for three little creatures that they love: Guy, Itamar and Goni. Wait a minute he hasn’t told you yet that he doesn't make a living from photography! Well, he doesn’t. Day to day (and night) Yaron Perel is a passionate VP Creative in McCann, Tel Aviv, an ad man. He is mostly into street photography, but also enjoys capturing frames of his children growing up.

Kidding Around

About the exhibition

Childhood for Yaron Perel is all about defining moments that echo much longer than any other moment in our life, it’s the infrastructure of souls transcending every other period on their timelines. The main idea of his exhibition is those fractions of expressions that are uniquely childish: unmanipulated body language, moments that are driven by urges as young creatures - will never disappear when growing up, they will just be covered by the right masks. No matter how sophisticated these created masks will be, childhood will never truly leave.