SPOTLESS MIND: Reconstructing the Memory Lane

Etai Shomri

Etai Shomri, 30, is an accomplished Israeli photographer, who lives in London, England. His work was published in various magazines and websites. Alongside his photography career, Etai Shomri is a camera technician and a focus puller in the film industry. All of Shomri’s work is shot on film, a process which he is dedicated to, and captured during mid-day, using a more washed out harsh lighting approach rather than the classic golden hour. On a compositional level, he’s drawing inspiration from the American painter Edward Hopper and the American photographer Todd Hido.

SPOTLESS MIND: Reconstructing the Memory Lane

About the exhibition

With this series of images taken in the past couple of years, the photographer aimed to adopt an innocent gaze, creating a nostalgia-like view of his life at the time. The medium of analogue photography allowed him to meditate, finding a way to alternate what it was like to grow up as a kid in the 1990s in Israel. Spotless Mind is searching for an alternative childhood, one that Shomri never had: an ordinary, quiet life. A childhood that possibly could only exist in a photo. A world without agendas, pain or fear but only an interaction between colours and shapes. The
banality of everyday life, through the eyes of a child.