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Visit our popular outdoor exhibition at Forumtorget.
There will be 20 exhibiting photographers from 5+ countries (Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Canada, Spain & France).

Here’s a selection of works by:

Julia Bremler Lindberg

At the moment nature is a strong photo candidate, and Julia Bremler Lindberg, who started her photo journey as a child, is especially interested in capturing the emotions found in the forest.

Christer Björkman

Christer Björkman is an amateur photographer with a special interest in street photo, people and architecture.

Rolf Strandberg

The perfect picture is not the most important thing for Rolf Strandberg, but to constantly develop in his photography by capturing details, for example, in his surroundings.

Marie Veran

The Canadian photographer Marie Veran is promoting a life focused as much as possible on simplicity and minimalism which are two of her mantras. Veran is also attending the festival as a solo exhibitor.

Johanna L Rönn & Bastien Anguiano

The French photographer Bastien Anguiano and the Swedish Johanna L Rönn have combined their imagery through a film swap. First one of them took a roll of film, and then the other photographer reused the same roll in their camera. That gives in the end a series of photographs where the coincidence rules.

Harald Cederlund

Harald Cederlund is a photographer with a childish fascination with exploring the natural world around him. He is focusing on the portraiture of plants, mushrooms, lichens and mosses, and often uses stacking techniques to try to capture details that would otherwise be left unseen.

Hans Wall

Nostalgia, a word that sums up a large part of Han’s photography. Fashion, vehicles, architecture. There was more beauty in the past.

Beatrix Hygrell

When one of Beatrix Hygrell’s travel photos was selected for the National Geographic Your Shot book back in 2015, her deeper curiosity about photography started. What she loves about photography is that she could get lost in time in that little rectangular frame, living in the moment with whatever is in front of her. She feels drawn either by the light, the set, shape or texture of a place.

Nikolai Pertoft

Nikolai Pertoft is 19 years old, likes to take portraits and landscapes. He works as photographer since last summer, mainly working for Uppsala based companies such as restaurants and hairdressers.

Carina Semiao

Carina Semiao is a Portuguese amateur photographer based in Sweden. Her work aims at capturing natural lines, shapes and shadows that usually pass unnoticed.


Barbro Agstam

Barbro Agstam lives in Uppsala. She photographs portraits, creative portraits and staged photography.

Darija Šesto

Darija Cesto has been exhibited multiple times in Croatia where she is based, and is mostly inspired by nature. Her favourite photography subjects are macro, portrait, abstract as well as fine art nude photography.

JingJing Zhou

Jing Jing Zhou loves this world and wants to take more photos of it. The most important thing in her photography is that she does it for herself, noone else.

Sandra Kruhek

Sandra Kruhe was born, raised and is still living in Zagreb, Croatia. She is a hobby photographer and she finds photography one of her true joys in life. She could spent hours just clicking around and taking pictures.