Exhibitions 2022

Hold the Wind

Magasin X

Patricia Krivanek, Malaysia

Patricia Krivanek is a Canadian-Mexican photographer and mother of two based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has a background in anthropology and humanitarian relief and has lived and worked in over 17 countries. Through her photography, Krivanek seeks to highlight stories that speak to the human experience with the goal of generating empathy and understanding through a form of visual anthropology.

Patricia Krivanek’s images have been exhibited in a number of international exhibitions including Edition 365 with the British Journal of Photography and Exposure Plus Photo in Kuala Lumpur. In 2021, one of her images was selected as a finalist for the Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards.

Hold the Wind

About the exhibition

There is an ethereal force at play that defines childhood. As intangible as the wind, a deep sense of curiosity separates children from adults. Sometimes it’s a light breeze, sometimes a howling wind, and it drives children to explore, to observe, to question, to be fully present. But the magical mysteries of the world become less magical as our curiosity dies, and with it, our uninhibited way with the world. Hold the Wind is a series of observations of the interactions Patricia Krivanek’s children have with the wonders around them, particularly with nature. If humans could re-learn to indulge their curiosity, perhaps they could treat the world with the same wonder and respect that children do.