Exhibitions 2022

Inside Out


Luana Lessa Martinez, Brazil

Luana Lessa Martinez is a Brazilian photographer, architect and mother of two boys. Photography came into her life in 2019 as an emotional support and distraction during pandemic times. Something to focus on. Since then it's been helping the photographer in her everyday life, a sort of refuge.

Luana Lessa Martinez is the co-founder and organizer of the non-profit project called "Photo Meetings Brazil '' which is a community of international virtual meetings about photography. She continuously works with worldwide photo partnerships and takes part in international and national photo contests. With her photography she hopes that her audience experiences and recognises a wide range of emotions in her work. One day she hopes to be part of a project relevant to humanity.

Inside Out

About the exhibition

Even in dark times Luana Lessa Martinez found photography to be a powerful weapon to soften her fears, exploring her imagination, creativity and making memories of her son’s childhood. Children can be a light guide to better days for sure. The main goal of her exhibition "Inside Out" is to make the viewer feel the emotions through the collection of documentary and artistic photographs captured during the social isolation of COVID-19. A situation that was induced by so many impacts and big changes in everyone's daily life, not to say the least in Luana Lessa Martinez’ family routines. The camera not only became her tool to capture the moments, it also was a way to express all the emotions in the midst of great challenges, fears, and discoveries due to homeschooling, house chores as well as the struggling of being isolated every hour of the day for two years.

During this time the photographer felt more connected with her eight year-old than ever, and through the lens they learned to make room for new possibilities. Her son inspired her very much and for that reason she always kept her camera close by, to never lose sight of the little spontaneous moments.