Exhibitions 2022

Unnoticed Moments


Marie Veran, Canada

Marie Veran is a Canadian and French photographer, as well as a psychologist. A few years ago she decided to go back to her first passion, photography. Her work is essentially minimalist, black and white, and oriented towards our everyday surroundings because she hopes to encourage people to pay more attention to the aesthetic features we can see in everyday’s life.

Unnoticed Moments

About the exhibition

Childhood is a unique period, with all the complexity of growth and discovery of the world interleaved with simple yet meaningful events. At first, everything is lived in the present, with no bias or preconceived beliefs. As years pass, more experience is gained and the analysis becomes more refined and more influenced by the environment. And because children do express their emotions by directly transposing them into their facial expression and body language, they can easily be captured in photographs.

The exhibition “Unnoticed Moments” aims at helping people better understand children and possibly be more mindful in their presence. Indeed, with many of these photographs, one cannot help wonder: “What were their feelings, what were their thoughts at that specific moment?”