Exhibitions 2022



Heléne Wikström, Sweden

Heléne Wikström is a photographer with a love for storytelling. She loves meeting people in their homes and communities and preferably speaking their language as she sees languages a gateway to culture and to connect on a deeper level. She has worked with international NGOs, women’s groups, corporate clients and community-based organisations. Currently Heléne Wikström lives in Uppsala but has also lived in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and France. Having spent 20 years in East Africa a major part of her inspiration derives from there. This personal project is created in Kenya, mostly in her garden but also in an adjacent national park.


About the exhibition

Childhood can be a magical part of your life. It can be a time of innocence, immortality, dreams, exploration, freedom and imagination. Children often have free minds to explore the world surrounding them. Unfortunately, these enchanted gifts too often fade or are even lost when growing up. With this series the photographer Helene Wikström would like the viewer to be reminded of the quality of childhood innocence that we all have been part of but that we tend to lose when we grow into adults.
One of Wikström’s biggest inspirations is Sarah Moon and the way she uses light and colour, and of course her soft focus. Her risk taking, and work has been an inspiration and has made the photographer dare to go out of her comfort zone and by doing so she has discovered the wonders of light and colour. Wikström has used motion blur as her expressionistic tool and soft light to render the state of dreams and imagination.